Welcome to Creating Daily Joys!


Welcome to Creating Daily Joys, a place for women of all ages to find inspiration to create and celebrate the daily joys in your life. Young moms and grandmothers will find crafts to make and things to sew for little ones; single or professional women will find ways to create an intentional life of joy and peace. Women living in the sandwich generation of caring for their family as well as parents or grandparents will find tips and encouragement in my Caregiving Series. Whatever generation you’re currently in, create some joy daily and a live a joy-filled life!

Where to Start?

So, if you’re a caregiver, you might like to start with my Series on Aging: Tips on Caring for Parents.

If you’re a mom or grandmother of a toddler, you might like to start with some projects like these.

And if you like to sew, you might find something you like in these sewing projects.

Need a little inspiration in living an intentional life? Start here.

Why Creating Daily Joys?

Joy is my middle name, so this place is my daily reminder to live up to that name. Though my parents gave me the name, it’s up to me to choose joy in my life, no matter what trials I’m going through. We all need encouragement and hope and joy on a daily basis. Our world is full of so many things that try to pull us off course and steal our joy. So, this is my small effort to choose joy and to share it with you. Most of the time, that will mean noticing the small joys we take for granted, as well as finding ways we can bring more joy into our lives and share it with others, brightening someone else’s day along our way.


With my 'grand-dog' Chaka

With my ‘grand-dog’ Chaka

I’m a serious introvert with a quirky sense of humor who enjoys her privacy, so I started this blog with mixed feelings, dragging my feet, and a lot of prayer. I was looking for information in a positive format that I was finding in some good mommy blogs, but not as easily from women in their fifties or sixties. I was looking for blogs by women my age, with similar issues at this stage in life, in a form that pleased my senses, intellect and spirit. Slowly but surely I’m discovering some that I will share along the way.



Me with my parents before my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Me with my parents before my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

When I gave up my administrative job in 2013 to become the full-time caregiver for my parents, my new challenge was learning how to care for a parent in the moderate stages of Alzheimer’s and another parent with serious heart issues. I found my days revolving around doctor appointments, meals, laundry, and “fiber time!” I needed help to cope, stay positive and take care of myself. Sharing my daily joys and what I’m learning with others is helping me do just that. I hope others will find some helpful tips here and more joy in their care-giving roll. Younger moms and grandmothers both will enjoy some of the crafts that I’m making for my young grandchildren.


Four Generations of  Joyful Women

Four Generations of Joyful Women

I have two Master’s degrees – one in Religious Education and another in Counseling; my Bachelor’s is in Home Economics and Early Childhood Education. With a variety of work experience, I’m by no means an expert on anything. I’ve made enough mistakes for two lifetimes! But with my accumulative life and work experiences as a teacher, Christian counselor, spiritual director, and administrator, as well as my roles as daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend, I have learned from those mistakes the meaning of forgiveness, unconditional love, grace, redemption and so much more that brings joy to my life. I also love reading, working on crafts, my art and sewing, walking on the beach and spending time with family and friends.


The joy of the next generation

My hope is that we’ll encourage one another on our journey, have some good laughs, share a few tears, and focus on facing life (and aging!) with courage and humor, beauty and grace, love, and most of all joy! And who can refuse more joy in her life?

Please leave a comment below, or on a post you like, or contact me by email.  I will answer as quickly as I can, but be aware there will be times in my care-giving responsibilities that make it impossible to answer right away, or making posts infrequent at times, but I’ll post as often as my schedule allows.

Come back and visit often. Please sign up to receive notice of new posts. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cindy Joy


Contact me with questions, comments and requests for permissions. I look forward to hearing from you!



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