Merry Christmas to CDJ Readers!

Merry Christmas to friends and family and readers of Creating Daily Joys! I know I haven’t posted much the last few months but I guess I just needed a break and allowed myself to take one.

I have been busy though, taking care of my wonderful dad, and staying involved with friends and family.  I’ve also been sewing and making a few Christmas gifts (I’ll share more of these projects with you next year) and reading a lot too. And I can finally enjoy the cooler weather here and take short walks around the neighborhood while Dad rests.

I will leave you with a few links for the season from past posts.

If you’re feeling blue this Christmas, have lost a loved one this year, or if you are a weary caregiver in need of rest, read this:

How to Celebrate Christmas When You Have Nothing Left to Give

How to Celebrate Christmas When You Have Nothing Left to Give

If you have lots of energy and are still looking for a few quick and easy gifts to make or give this year, take a look at these:

Easy and Affordable DIY Gift Ideas

And if you need a quick and easy snack or food gift to take to a party, here’s a favorite of family and friends!

Peppermint Almond Bark Pretzels - Super Easy & Quick | Creating Daily Joys

Peppermint Almond Bark Made Easy

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas

and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!  Blessings, Cindy

p.s. – I’ll be back soon with my goals worksheet printable for 2017!

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