A Simplified Approach to Goals and Dreams for 2017

A Simplified Approach to Goals and Dreams for 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

Happy New Year, Friends!

And may all your goals and dreams come true for 2017

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and were blessed to spend it with friends and family.

Are you already thinking of what you want to accomplish in 2017? Reflecting on how things went in 2016? I’ve been spending a little time reflecting as well as putting together my goals and dreams for the New Year. And today I’m sharing my free printable 2017 worksheets with you!

Goals and Dreams 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

A Simplified Approach to Setting Goals and Reviewing Accomplishments

Last year, I made two worksheets – one with the months of the year, and one blank to use for topical goals. For me, the two of these worked well for a simplified approach to:

  1. Plan my goals by topics, and
  2. Review and list achieved steps at the end of each month.

So I decided to use the same concept this year with a pale pink and grey design.  Won’t you let me know in the comments your favorite approach to goal-setting and reviewing goals?

Goals and Dreams 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

Goals by Topic

I use the blank worksheet for sketching out my goals by topic – body, mind, spirit, family, social, financial, arts and crafts, etc.  Everyone’s topics are different, so fill in the blanks with your top priority topics for the year. Set a few goals for each topic. Plug the steps to achieve your goals and dreams into your monthly and weekly planner.  You’re all set to go!

Goals and Dreams 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

Monthly Review

I use the monthly worksheet throughout the year, filling it in at the end of each month.  After reviewing the month’s activities, I note the steps I’ve accomplished for different goals in the box for that month. This gives me an overview of where I am with my goals, what I managed to accomplish that month, and how to plan for the next few months. At the end of the year, the monthly worksheet gives me an overview of my year and a sense of accomplishment as I see what I was able to do!

I tend to set more goals than I know I can accomplish.  I know I won’t get to them all, but I will complete some and start progress on others. Sometimes when we feel stuck, like we’re not getting anywhere, the monthly worksheet can encourage you to see you really are getting some things done.

Using both worksheets, to plan and review, can help fine tune your goals and steps to get there. It can also help you know if you need to change a goal in another direction, or scrap it and make a new one. Besides, what good does it to set goals if we don’t plan steps to carry them out? Or review them to see what’s working, and what’s not?

Goals and Dreams 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

Find the Right Planner for You

I think I finally found a stylish planner that works for me. It’s the Creative Year Gold Dots 2017 Spiral Planner by Recollections (available from Michaels).  It has a sturdy plastic cover and a wider format that gives added space without having to go to a large size planner. It has extra pages in the back plus stickers and pockets for holding extra planner supplies. I like the extra columns to note goals, monthly to-dos and special reminders.  I keep my goal worksheets tucked in my planner for easy access and to keep my focus.

The weekly pages also have extra columns, perfect for meal planning, tracking habits or a daily focus.

Finding the right planner, bullet journal, app or calendar system to help you stay focused and organized is important.  Everyone approaches goals and planning a little differently. We often have to try different methods to find what works best for our personality style because if it doesn’t work for us, we won’t use it and success will be hit and miss at best.

Stay Flexible

If this simplified approach works for you, great!  If not, take some time to find the best approach to setting goals and planning that works for you.  Do you need some inspiration for finding your vision or setting goals?  You might want to reflect on the questions in this post to help you get started.

When setting goals, stay flexible.  Listen to your heart and spirit, allow for life to happen, with all its unexpected challenges and joys. Don’t forget to plan time to do nothing but rest, listen, reflect, dream and be inspired!  These activities are every bit as important as the busyness of accomplishing great things.  They are also integral to having the strength, courage, stamina and creativity to getting things done.

So, have at it. Click on the photos below to get your free printables.

Monthly Worksheet

Goals and Dreams 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

Blank Worksheet (Add your own goal topics)

Goals and Dreams 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

Have fun, create some daily joy this year, and spread some cheer!

Blessings to you and yours for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Goals and Dreams 2017 | Creating Daily Joys

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